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Transportation of El Salvador

The airline Iberia, American Airlines and United Airlines fly regularly to El Salvador.The international airport in San Salvador: El Salvador International (SAL), located 45 km. of the capital.The largest airline of El Salvador is the private Grupo TACA, which provides various regional flights. From San Salvador you can fly to La Union, San Miguel, and Abroad.
The major cities have many taxis without meters, so you have to agree the cost of the trip in advance. The large hotels have their own taxi service.
Rent a Car

There are several car rental companies. It requires a national or international license to drive. Foreign vehicles may not be in El Salvador more than thirty days.
The country has over 12,000 km. of roads, of which one third is paved and can passable in all seasons, even in the rainy season. In El Salvador we drive on the right.Foreigners are advised to travel by car only do day and half-cocked, as they often occur robberies and kidnappings to motorists, especially in big cities and new cars or foreign license plates.
Warning: The infrastructure of El Salvador were virtually destroyed by the strong earthquake in January 2001. Check with the embassy to find out exactly what the road conditions
Buses City buses
They offer a good service, but often crowded.
Long distance bus
There are national companies that connect the capital, San Salvador, Guatemala City, and with other cities.
The railway network in El Salvador, about 600 km long, connects the capital to Acajutla, Cutuco, St. Jerome and Angiauatu. In addition, there are rail connections with Guatemala.
The most important ports of El Salvador are La Union, La Libertad and Acajutla in the Pacific Ocean.

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