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Quelepa or "Jaguars and pumas stone" is considered by archaeologists as the most important ceremonial center in the country's history.

Located five miles north of San Miguel, with an area of ​​six kilometers and an altitude of 230 meters above sea level, was the shelter Quelepa an ancient origin population Lenca. For years the site has been excavated by archaeologists and abroad, as Atilio Pecorine in 1913 and from 1949 to 1959, Willys Andrews, Tulane University, USA, returned to the previous data and found pyramidal platform eight feet mounds 10.
Other discoveries are the "Altar of the Jaguar", which followed the sacrifices Lenca, features performances of heads of snakes and the face of a big cat on display at the National Museum "David J. Guzman. "Also found fossils, pottery, jade, marble, brass, obsidian and others. Other sites of archaeological importance are the village of El Obrajuelo, Moncagua and Uluazapa

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