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Historic Landmarks

National Theatre.
Construction began on January 1, 1903 and was inaugurated on December 31, 1909. Theater offered three sections, each corresponding to different social classes of the time. The boxes the occupied upper class, the window, the middle class, and the gallery was intended for the common people.
In 1914 and 1915 he entered the cinema and for 1927 the exhibition of films have captured the activity of the theater. In 1975, the Ministry of Finance gave the property to the Ministry of Education, which thereafter undertook its restoration, taking into account its historical, architectural and aesthetic cultural development within the Salvadoran

Cathedral .On November 21, 1862 he laid the first stone of what is now the Cathedral of San Miguel. This was an effort by General Gerardo Barrios and she is the patron saint of El Salvador: Our Lady of Peace. The Cathedral is located in the heart of the city, and from any point of it can be observed both pointed and lofty towers of the facade. Many of the materials used in its finish were brought from abroad.

The tiles were imported from Belgium, the bells from Germany, the stained glass depicting biblical figures were made ​​in Mexico, and the altar (of marble), wherein lies the image of Our Lady of Peace, was brought of Italy. In 1913, Pope Pius X raised to the church the title of Diocese and was assigned to the bishop of San Miguel Dueñas the priest Juan Antonio and Argumedo, to care and expedite the construction work and provide the people from San Miguel Cathedral to the religious.

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